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“I have enough shoes”, said no woman ever. Shoes is love. Ιn just one step, shoes magically update any outfit from basic to disarming.
From OK to Oh! la la!

Shoebox cherry-picks fashion forward designer shoes, bags and accessories that set the upcoming trends of the modern fashion scene and create the wish lists of the industry’s insiders.

Shoebox is the reason why you don’t have to go shopping to Milan, Paris or New York to find unique eclectic pieces with exquisite character, elegance and inspiring twists.

From exclusive choices like the innovative Bagllerina and the Minnetonka must-haves to stunningly luxurious designer booties, lace-ups, flats, brogues, high-heels, sandals and espadrilles, from prestigious Italian, Spanish and French designers that share the Shoebox philosophy.

Creations with distinctive style,
identity and “je ne sais quoi”.

The essence of the European shoe industry of the south, cherised by the instagram icons and style queens of our heart. Think gorgeous talk-of-the-town designs. Think Olivia Palermo. Think Kate Moss. Think You.

Behind the scenes, Shoebox is us;
Eda and Emilena.

Our philosophy stems from our own head-over-heels passionate love for unique fine quality shoes, bags and accessories that keep women stylish and happy from the office to the gala. We are no followers and don’t see our customers as followers either. Having inherited the constant research gene from our mother, we continuously search the international market and personally handpick the finest creations that add personality to our customers’ style. Come meet us in-store, shop online or simply call us regarding any inquiry to experience first-hand our signature “bespoke” customer service and the overall Shoebox “handmade” boutique approach.

“Buy the shoes, drink the wine!”

Life is short, ladies! Go indulge, surrender, celebrate and don’t forget to visit our store regularly. Shoebox is dedicated to sweep you off your feet and inspire you to create the out-of-the-box desired looks that make your day – and your night.
Welcome to Shoebox!