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A Shoebox exclusive must-have. “A well-being element taking part of our secret garden”, Bagllerina, the unique foldable ballerina shoe that slips into your bag and replaces your shoes with comfort and elegance, was conceived back in 2011 when the passionate Christine Natkin was exploring ideas to transform women’s everyday lives.

Shoebox had to include the iconic Bagllerina in its collection because of its formula which effectively combines versatility, simplicity, beauty and well-being. Fold them in half, put them in their pouch, slip them into your handbag and there you go, worry-free! Easy to carry, thanks to their size and weight, Bagllerina are the first foldable ballerinas made entirely of high quality leather and come in three different shapes; The Daily, which is the classic one, the Gorgeous, that reveals a little more skin, and the Liberty, which skips the lace around the ledge, for a simpler yet effective style. Choose your fit to make your everyday life smarter, simpler, happier. A Shoebox staple for your every wardrobe.


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